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The Power of Precedent in a Digital Age

Those who practice law understand and appreciate the power of precedent. As technology evolves, and as our digital world continually expands, the law is evolving with it. Courts across the country are continuing to examine social media as evidence the standards that must be met for it to be admitted and authenticated. Attorneys who want to provide the most effective representation for their clients need to stay ahead of the social media curve. This means not only remaining informed as to how social media is being used as evidence, but also staying abreast of what standards must be met to properly authenticate it.

Workers’ Compensation and Web-Based Evidence

Staying Ahead of the Social Media Curve It is undeniable that our world is becoming increasingly digital, and increasingly social-media oriented. In fact, it is currently estimated that Facebook has 1.5 billion daily users, and 2.3 monthly users. At any given minute throughout the day, there are an estimated 347,222 people scrolling through Instagram. Twitter has approximately 326 million monthly active users – a number which is steadily growing[1]. In fact, all of these numbers are steadily growing. According to a recent New York Times articles, studies estimate that people between the ages of 35 and 49 spend about three hours per day on social networking sites, while those between 18 and 34 spend more than 3.5 hours per day using social media platforms[2]. It goes without saying then, that in that time, amongst all of those users, a significant amount of content is created each and every day.

Essential Evidence and Adequate Authentication

We live in a world that is more connected today than ever before. A large part of that connectivity is thanks to social media. It is currently estimated that Facebook has 1.5 billion daily users, and 2.3 monthly users. In any given minute, there are an estimated 347,222 people scrolling through Instagram, and Twitter has approximately 326 million monthly active users.

API-Based Preservation Challenges

If you’ve recently spent time investigating the various technical approaches to capturing, preserving, and organizing online content, you’ve likely heard of tools that use application programming interfaces (APIs, for short) to archive social media feeds and other websites. While you may have heard a good deal about APIs and their use, it’s understandable that you may remain unclear on some of the finer points of what APIs are, and how exactly they function to collect data.

Jury Selection

Making Savvy Social Media Choices A fact about litigation is this – one of the most important parts of any trial begins before the trial itself. Jury selection is a critical component of the outcome of any trial, and if you are an attorney who regularly litigates, it is likely that you already know this simple truth.

The Facts on Family Law

The Facts on Family Law – Modernizing Your Practice to Keep Pace With the Digital Age The Numbers Don’t Lie

Mitigating Chain of Custody Risks

Capturing the Evidence You Need, Without the Chain of Custody Worries that You Don’t If you’re an attorney, a paralegal, an investigator, a law enforcement officer, or even if you justwatch a lot of legal dramas on television, you’re likely familiar with the term “chain of custody”. Essentially, maintaining a “chain of custody” means validating how evidence has been gathered, tracked, and preserved prior to being entered into a case. In both civil and criminal litigation,maintaining a clear chain of custody is critical to the admission of key evidence.

Spoliation, Sanctions, and Staying Savvy

Spoliation, Sanctions, and Staying Savvy The rise of social media has revolutionized our modern world in countless ways. It has changed the way we share ideas. It has changed the way we obtain our news, and purchase the products we want and need. It has changed the way that we keep in touch with our friends and family. It has changed the way we do business. It only stands to reason, then, that it has also changed the practice of law.

Social Media & Insurance Fraud

People May Lie .....

Effectively Establishing a Digital Chain of Custody – Reducing Your Risks and Reaping the Rewards

“Chain of custody”.  Most people, and certainly those who are attorneys, law enforcement officers, or investigators, are likely familiar with this term and its importance to effectively trying and proving cases, both civil and criminal – though it is not only applicable to the practice of law, but to many other aspects of our lives as well.

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