WebQA partners with PageFreezer to Deliver Website Compliance for Governments

Woodridge, Illinois, December 21, 2016 -  WebQA announced today that it has partnered with PageFreezer to expand its Government Public Records Compliance Suite within its GovQA division. This new partnership will allow GovQA to offer industry...

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Capturing Government Social Media Content for Open Records Compliance

Social Media as Federal Records

Social media is heavily relied on by citizens and businesses for a wealth of information - from service updates, to employment information and changes in the law. It also benefits governments by helping them...

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PageFreezer Releases New Public Portal to Improve Government Transparency

PageFreezer has released a new solution enabling government agencies to provide public access to their web and social media archives. Historic government website and social media data can now be made easily accessible through a public portal with...

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Reducing the Costs of Open Records Compliance with PageFreezer’s New Public Access Feature

by Sylva on March 10, 2016 in FOIA

As federal, state, and local government websites and social media are heavily relied on by citizens and businesses for a wealth of information, these communications are considered official government publications to which the Freedom of...

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FOIA - Preservation and Presentation

Prevention of “Willful, Intentional and Bad Faith Violation of FOIA” - Preservation and Presentation.

Freedom of Information, in the United States, refers to the legislation guiding bodies of information at the federal level and independently within...

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