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Pagefreezer Announces Strategic Acquisition of the X1 Social Discovery Solution to Expand Online Evidence Collection Offering

Pagefreezer Announces Strategic Acquisition of the X1 Social Discovery Solution to Expand Online Evidence Collection Offering

As a leader in archiving and compliance solutions as well as the provider of WebPreserver, an online evidence-collection solution for websites and social media for law firms and investigative teams, we at Pagefreezer are excited to announce the strategic acquisition of the X1 Social Discovery product from X1 Discovery Inc.

With this acquisition, we aim to redefine the landscape of online evidence collection solutions.

Since 2011, X1 Social Discovery has enabled e-discovery and digital forensics professionals to search and collect digital evidence from websites and social media sources. The product produces searchable outputs in native format while preserving critical metadata.

By acquiring the X1 Social Discovery software and combining the strengths of two experienced product teams, we will further enhance our ability to support the growing need for online evidence collection.

With the rapid growth of online messaging and social media platforms, the demand for robust online evidence collection is more crucial than ever to address issues such as fraud, racism, harassment, and other online harms. This acquisition consolidates the strengths of X1 Social Discovery and WebPreserver, and positions Pagefreezer as a leader in online evidence collection software and on-demand services.

“X1 has always been and remains passionately committed to the success of its customers,” said Larry Gill, CEO of X1. “We are confident that combining X1’s cutting-edge Social Discovery solution with Pagefreezer’s WebPreserver online evidence collection will provide the industry a one-stop-shop, best-in-class solution for all their social media and web collection needs. The divestiture of the X1 Social Discovery software solution strategically aligns with our enterprise-focused growth strategy and enables us to accelerate that effort.”

Continued Support for X1 Social Discovery

We are committed to maintaining seamless support for X1 Social Discovery customers. Operations for the acquired product will continue as usual, including ongoing technical support, service maintenance, and project delivery.

About Pagefreezer

Pagefreezer is a leading provider of online evidence collection, enterprise information archiving and compliance solutions to a wide range of industries, including legal, finance, telecom, retail, utilities, government, and education.

The Pagefreezer solution suite enables organizations of all sizes to permanently preserve website, social media, enterprise collaboration, and mobile text content in evidentiary quality, and then access those records and review them as if they were still live. These records are most commonly used for digital forensics, to comply with recordkeeping regulations, and to improve litigation readiness.

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Michael Riedijk
Michael Riedijk
With more than 20 years of experience building successful technology companies in Europe and North America, Michael Riedijk is recognized as a leading innovator in compliance technologies. Originally from The Netherlands, Michael relocated to Canada and launched Pagefreezer in 2010.

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