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by Chirag Verma on August 04, 2015

Have you created a mobile-optimized website for customers to view on their iPhones, tablet computers, and other mobile devices? You’ve ensured a great user experience for your customers on-the-go! But you may not realize that you’ve also complicated your digital records by making a similar -- but not exact -- replica of your website.

If you’re only archiving the standard version of your site, be aware that mobile versions of your website are every bit as accountable to regulators and vulnerable to e-discovery or litigation. Think about the implications of having both a native and mobile version of your company site, from the perspective of records retention:

Two website versions = two different user experiences.

You work tirelessly to give your customers the best online experience possible, whether they’re accessing your website at home or on the go. But with great service comes great responsibility -- when you provide mobile versions of your site, you’re multiplying your digital content, and changing it as well. Regulatory requirements for most industries demand that ALL your electronic records be preserved, so you need to archive BOTH your standard and mobile versions to remain compliant.

Original medium and perfect playback required.

Some industry regulations (like those for the financial sector) demand that digital records be preserved in whatever medium they were originally produced. If you’re running Flash on a mobile site, or developing with Javascript frameworks like JQuery Mobile, Titanium, Sencha, and XHTML Touch, make sure your archiving solution can handle these dynamic javascript frameworks. The digital copies need to perform perfectly, giving an accurate representation of the user experience at the time of the archive. This will include mobile sites being viewed on a mobile device.

Litigation risk increases with mobile websites.

What if your mobile website includes a Flash video explaining the use of your product or services? What if there’s fine print on your website that’s hard to read on a mobile phone? If a customer brings a lawsuit against you, with the claim that you didn’t provide pertinent or obligatory information, you need to be prepared to show what was visible on the mobile site. It’s not enough to show that your standard website contains the necessary info. Your proof of content must exist in the mobile context -- you must be able to show exactly how your website appeared to customers on their mobile devices.

Feel secure -- archive your mobile website.

Social media and mobile communications have complicated the field of digital archiving -- but PageFreezer works to make the process simple for your organization. Simple, but comprehensive and secure. We can archive your mobile website, including Flash and rich media content, in a way that complies with industry standards. As always, the digital timestamp and signature ensure that your records stand up as evidence in court. So go ahead and give your customers a stellar mobile web experience, and we’ll make sure your mobile website is archived securely.

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