PageFreezer Releases Report on Enterprise Social Media Featuring Gartner Research

VANCOUVER, British Columbia, Thursday, January 26, 2017   — With the popular growth of enterprise social media networks like Microsoft Yammer and Facebook Workplace, PageFreezer has released a new report entitled “The Rise of Enterprise Social Media Networks” featuring Gartner research.

With more 2.3 billion users online, 70% of companies are projected to adopt enterprise social media networks by the end of 2017. The January 2016  Gartner research note sheds a light on the rise of Enterprise Social Media Networks (ESNs) in the workplace.

As an industry leader in enterprise social media archiving, PageFreezer has expanded on Gartner’s research note “The Future of Social Software in the Workplace” to further remind organizations of the expectation to collect and maintain social media records to comply with strict recordkeeping regulations, and offers important archiving considerations.

“Despite the heavy usage of social media internally, an alarming number of companies have shown poor awareness that they carry legal responsibility for their social media content,” Says Michael Riedyk, CEO of PageFreezer, “As enterprise social media platforms continue to sprout and change the game to replace email, and as remote workforces continue to grow, it is critical that organizations treat social media just like all other forms of business communications that must be collected, filed and protected.”

Download the full report here: 

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