PageFreezer releases extended Twitter support

by Chirag Verma on July 20, 2011

Comprehensive archiving of Twitter activity will benefit companies concerned with regulatory compliance.

PageFreezer announces extended features for comprehensive archiving of activity on Twitter, a development that will be valuable for companies striving to comply with records retention laws and litigation preparedness. The enhanced support ensures a more complete representation of Twitter content than the archiving industry typically provides, and the archives meet legal standards for electronic evidence in court.

Industries that can benefit from comprehensive social media archiving include Finance, Pharma, Food, and publicly traded companies. Various requirements from regulatory bodies demand that organizations retain perfect, complete copies of business records, which is challenging for online content and especially for activity on social media sites like Twitter.

Some of PageFreezer’s enhanced features for Twitter archiving include:

  • Archiving of both public profiles and private communications, such as “Direct Messages”
  • Ability to archive hashtags and search keywords, so companies can preserve the full conversation surrounding their brand or a particular topic
  • Digital timestamp and signature provided for each archived page, ensuring the verifiability of Twitter archives as electronic evidence in court
  • Support for the legal hold process
  • Archiving of the full visual Twitter User Experience and live interaction

Most archiving solutions for capturing Twitter content rely on the Twitter API, resulting in only capturing the single “tweets”. PageFreezer offers a broader and more comprehensive interactive representation of the full visual Twitter presence, including background, images, followers, and mentions. This is valuable to capture the full discussion thread and in legal situations where the full visual context of Twitter activity may be relevant, not just a single tweet pulled from the API.

PageFreezer is the first archiving service to provide support for Twitter content to be used as admissible electronic evidence in court. Since PageFreezer marks each archived page with a unique SHA-256 digital timestamp and signature, the records are considered “non-refutable” and meet the legal requirements for data integrity and authenticity. This could have an impact on the way companies approach social media, which has generally been considered risky from a regulatory standpoint.

“These new capabilities for Twitter archiving are going to change the way organizations view their social media presence,” said Michael Riedyk, Executive Director with PageFreezer. “There’s been a lot of concerned discussion about the regulatory and legal risks involved with using Twitter for business communications, but the ability to accurately preserve this content really makes a difference.”

The debate surrounding the use of social media for marketing and business communications, in addition to enforcement actions by regulators, has highlighted the need for solutions that can reconcile existing record retention laws with advanced Internet technologies. PageFreezer is actively addressing this need by providing extensive support for the capture and storage of Twitter content.


PageFreezer captures the full Twitter User experience, interactivity and conversations.


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