PageFreezer finalist in Accenture Innovation Awards

by Chirag Verma on September 26, 2011
Across the world, new ideas and products are constantly making a bid for the attention of consumers, corporations, or governments. Sifting through the latest developments in Media, Communications, and High Tech is the global management consulting company Accenture, selecting the most stunning concepts in the European market for recognition in the 2011 Accenture Innovation Awards.We were honored to present PageFreezer’s cutting-edge archiving solutions for consideration before a panel of judges that boasted some of the biggest names in the digital landscape. Website and social media archiving is a market trend that will only continue to grow as companies search for retention solutions that help them preserve, organize, and use their digital records for litigation preparedness or regulatory compliance. PageFreezer is industry-leading in many aspects of website archiving.

With over 580 concepts being considered this year, we are thrilled to be among the top 10 finalists in the competition! It takes a unique solution with vast success potential to stand out among so many worthy applicants, but PageFreezer has risen to the challenge by meeting the criteria:

Innovative Concept: We are constantly taking website and social media archiving to the next level. PageFreezer makes innovation a priority with frequent updates to enable the most comprehensive, secure archiving using cutting-edge technology.

Potential Market: Our scalability is virtually limitless. For individuals, government agencies, and companies in every industry, the retention of online records continues to become a higher priority as electronic data increases and grows more complex. No customer is too big or too small -- PageFreezer can archive hundreds of websites per week for big corporations, or just a few URLs per month.

Proof of Success: Numerous companies in various industries are using PageFreezer to archive their online content, and more are signing up. World-famous brands are trusting their records to us, and we take that responsibility seriously by providing archives that stand up as digital evidence in court. Our services take the pain out of website archiving, and provide the peace of mind that comes with having secure, searchable online records that meet regulatory requirements.

With past winners like Myngle, Layar, and, the Accenture Innovation Awards have proven to be a valuable platform for great concepts in the Media, Communications, and Tech industry. We are proud to have made it this far in the competition, and look forward to the results of the finals on October 11th.

To be continued...


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