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by Chirag Verma on October 12, 2010 announces the release of industry-leading technology that fully supports the archiving of web pages containing interactive Adobe Flash content, including the ability to view and interact with it exactly as if it was live on a date in the past.

This is an exciting new addition to the secure archiving services PageFreezer is already providing to companies who wish to comply with records management regulatory. "Adobe Flash archiving has always been one of the most difficult challenges in web and multimedia archiving, explained Michael Riedyk, founder and CEO. It took us a lot of effort but we cracked the code.

Flash archiving has been an elusive goal for the industry due to the complicated nature of dynamic Flash content, which can include links to video, text, and images that are nearly impossible to extract from the Flash file. In addition, these files often contain security settings to prevent them from being played from any but the original domain. Now these obstacles have been overcome and PageFreezer is proud to offer the security of complete Flash archiving with the ability to play back all Flash content from any given date, including all interactive elements, links, video, and audio.

PageFreezer has already garnered public interest as a unique solution to website archiving, especially as concerns the legal archiving requirements of FINRA, SOX, and SEC. PageFreezer is the smart choice for government, financial, retail, pharmaceutical, legal, and publicly traded companies who wish to comply with records management regulatory. In addition to providing a digital signature and time stamp to each archived page (assuring data integrity and authenticity), PageFreezer offers the ability to view any web page exactly as it appeared when it was live. The security of having archived evidence in case of litigation means peace of mind for government and public companies alike. The new Flash archiving innovation, in combination with other advantageous features, makes PageFreezer today's leading platform for website archiving.


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