PageFreezer Adds Support for Nixle Archiving

by Sylva on August 24, 2017 in Social Media, nixle

Nixle is a mass emergency and business notification provider for 8000 organizations, law enforcement agencies and schools. It proactively manages incident communications to keep people safe and informed through voice, sms, email and social media messages.


Nixle users receive real-time relevant information regarding a multitude of events via web and mobile notifications which could include information inclujding but not limited to:

  • power outages
  • cyber attacks
  • severe weather
  • bomb threats
  • evacuations
  • natural disasters 

With Nixle’s popularity among police departments and government agencies PageFreezer has now added Nixle archiving to its menu of social media capabilities, archiving all posted alerts, timing of posted alerts, and profile information of Nixle users.

Visit our most up to date list of social media archiving capabilties here

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