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by Sylva on April 05, 2017

Constantly improving our product features based on customer feedback and testing, PageFreezer is pleased to announce an enhanced search-centric PageFreezer interface to help our customers get the most out of the advanced search functionality. Explore the New PageFreezer Interface below:

  1. Giving PageFreezer’s full-text search more prominence in the dashboard, users can more efficiently search for web and social media archives of their digital content. 


  2. Users are now able to filter by account while searching, avoiding a jumble of archives from Facebook, Twitter and web locations for example.


  3. Including an advanced search option with an expanded date range, users can now search for and locate data from archives in more specific time frames.


  4. Users can also used advanced search to filter data by W3C, Dublic Core 1.1, fields as filters, or filter by HTML, Text and PDF file types. 
  5. The ability to filter by social media is now more accessible in the new design.


  6. Users can now use “name” (of archive)  as an additional filter option.


Why Searching Your Archives Matters

Regulatory Compliance

Across industries from financial services, to healthcare, Fortune 500 companies and everything in between, organizations are under scrutiny of strict recordkeeping regulations set by regulators like the FDA, FTC, FINRA and the SEC. Failure to comply with such regulations can lead to large fines, poor publicity and loss of shareholder and public trust. An ability to collect and retain archives of all digital communications with the right technology and systems is key to meeting specific regulatory laws. In the case of an audit or regulatory exam, being able to pull up archives from specific dates is extremely helpful in proving compliance.

Government Public Record Requests

Government agencies in particular must comply with FOIA and Open Records that demand complete transparency to citizens for records of interest. Costing governments an average of $678 per request, having a searchable directory of archives can significantly reduce on time and hard costs of record delivery.

Litigation & Litigation Protection

As the world communicates increasingly online, lawsuits and criminal cases are requiring more and more evidence from websites and social media. Courts are considering online content to be just as valid as paper records. Being able to prove who said what online, and when exactly can play an instrumental role in winning or losing a significant case.


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