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by Chirag Verma on July 03, 2015

Do you have the 2 must-have tools for perfect social media records?

The jury is no longer out. Social media posts are business records. Though industry regulators vary on how long to keep them, social media posts are a vital piece of your company’s online history and must be preserved as such. Failure to retain social media content can result in sanctions, increased costs, and damaging of brand reputation.

That goes for government agencies as well. The public is counting on you to preserve faithful records of your conversations with them. Even if the lifespan of a post is only a few seconds, the statement has become part of your agency’s history by being posted publicly. Sometimes the short-lived posts and comments become the ones that matter most. If you allow social media content to be lost or deleted, you may be caught unprepared by FOI requests or investigations.

Fortunately, there are two key technologies that corporations and government agencies can employ to ensure they are prepared for any request for digital records:

real-time archiving and powerful search functionality.

With real-time archiving, records managers can rest assured that every post, comment, tweet, and update is captured. Rather than getting a snapshot of their social media page once per day, companies using real-time archiving are assured of a separate archive for each change that is made on their Twitter or Facebook profile. This is critical in court cases or FOI requests, when the details of “who said what, and when” become legally relevant. Real-time archiving ensures a full capture of social media activity, even if a post is quickly deleted.

Once you have thorough records of your social media activity, you will need powerful search functionality built into your archiving solution. Digging through digital records can be a drain on resources, especially if your records managers are not accustomed to responding to requests for digital information. The ability to slide through a timeline of your social media posts, narrow a search by keyword or date, and even perceive patterns in your social media activity are all valuable tools to help you dig up the exact post you need.

So, never fear. Even though digital records have grown ever more complicated with the explosion of social media use in business and in court, your company or agency can be prepared by investing in an archiving solution that covers your needs -- from your most popular posts to your deleted tweets.


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